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City of Possibilities

Portage la Prairie and the surrounding areas is a progressive community with an ever-growing population of approximately 14,000 inhabitants.

Located in the Central Plains region of Manitoba surrounding the peaceful Crescent Lake and near to the picturesque Assiniboine River, Portage la Prairie boasts a relaxed environment perfect for all ages. It is situated 25 kilometers south of the beautiful Lake Manitoba ideal for year round activities.

Recent research carried out by Environment Canada has confirmed Portage la Prairie receives the most warm sunny days during the summer period in the whole of Canada.

One of Portage la Prairie’s most popular attractions is the Community Walkway paralleling the picturesque Crescent Lake alongside grand Heritage homes. The trail is multiuse and can be used for walking, cycling, roller blading and skateboarding. Branching off from the main trail are smaller trails, perfect for exploring Portage la Prairie. Wildlife abounds in the surrounding areas. It is also home to one of the nation's largest flocks of Canada Geese.

The Island Park is a major part of the community. Stride Place, a multiplex recreational center is located here, featuring two National Hockey League sized arenas, an aquatic center, a fitness center and a weekly farmers market. Also on the island is a summer Splash Park, tennis courts, a large deer enclosure, a birdcage featuring peacocks, playgrounds, various monuments, an extensive arboretum and Mayfair Farms offering a variety of seasonal local produce.

Portage la Prairie is one of the richest agricultural areas in the province. Agriculture and agri-food related processing and services, remains the major industrial focus of our area. Affordable land prices, good drainage and excellent soil conditions have been conducive to the high agricultural output of our region. The farming community of the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie produces many crops. Much of the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie is under irrigation, and additional acreage can be incorporated into the existing system. The diverse agricultural production of the Portage la Prairie area has drawn many food processing plants to the city. These include McCain Foods Ltd., Parrheim Foods, Richardson Milling Ltd., Best Cooking Pulses Ltd., Hitec, and JR Simplot’s.

Portage la Prairie is considered to be the world strawberry capital and the North American potato processing capital. U pick strawberry and Saskatoon berry farms are within a fifteen minute drive.

The City has been very successful in its attempts to attract industry to date. The most important attributes from a business opportunity standpoint are our central North American location, our diverse agricultural production capabilities, our wide array of food processing options, and our progressive business attitude and our ability to provide quality water and wastewater services.

Portage la Prairie is, and has always been an important transportation center, dating back to its inception as a fur trading post. Today it is connected to the rest of Canada via the Trans-Canada Highway and Yellowhead Highway, with service from both major railroads, a trans-continental bus service, and via air through Southport Airport.

Portage la Prairie is in an ideal position to accommodate additional industries being forty-five minutes west of Winnipeg, one hour north of the international border, and one hour east of Brandon.

Southport Airport and Commercial Properties is located 3 kilometers south of Portage la Prairie. It is a non-profit organization and development company featuring aviation and aerospace training facilities, product development, a golf course and a modern fitness center. It is also home to the military 3 Canadian Forces Flying Training School which conducts military pilot training on helicopters and multi-engine aircraft.

Residents of Portage la Prairie utilize the Assiniboine River as their water source. A flood control dam provides an ideal reservoir which ensures more than adequate water supply for all the community's need. The quality of the treated water is extremely high and there is ample capacity for additional water production. The distribution system provides a reliable system of conveying treated water to all the users.

Residents are extremely proud of their education system offering nine schools, a private school and a campus associated with the Red River College. Portage la Prairie offers a variety of health care services, including a city hospital. There is a diverse, well developed church community within Portage la Prairie.